Entry Grade

Entry Grade

Compared to other grades, this Grade has less models than any other grade. It was created in 2011 but during 2020 they have launch a new model that is a new model kit with lots of improvement.

1/144 scale, 13cm tall, it doesn’t require nippers, just pushing it with your fingers, less parts so is easier to build. For sure from Mecha Universe we suggest Entry Grade for beginners, to be build with family members such kids or members with no knowledge or experience with model kits.

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EG GUNDAM RX-78-2 1/144

Release Date : 2020 DecBandai has released a new RX-78-2 but in the Entry Grade Series(EG). As you may have realized, it is quite affordable, but we should also talk about that there is no need for nippers, glue any other tool. IT is a perfect...

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