If I place an order and make the payment, is it possible to be ship out the same day?

In Mecha Universe we understand the urgency and needs of our customers. So any order that has been placed before 13:00 in local working days and we can confirm the payment for sure we will ship your order in the afternoon. Of course there might be things out of control that might affect the shipping of your order.

This doesn’t mean that if you place the order let's say at 15:00 we won’t even try, we will do our best to push and have your order prepared to leave our warehouse. But do not worry, if your order has not left, it will leave the next working day.

Why UPS? Is there no cheaper forwarder, it makes shipments pricey.

You are right, other EU shops are using other forwarders that are a little bit cheaper. We had a long internal discussion about this issue that the end result was… we chose UPS. 

Shipment is the last stage of the service, if there is any issue it will affect the service we offer and in the worst case scenario it can be lost. UPS has proven during years that they are one of the most stable companies, having a good distribution channel across EU, updating the status frequently and what is most important is that from our experience, the packages tend to be better treated than other forwarders.

So even UPS is more expensive, we really wanted their good service. But we also know that it affects your wallet so from Mecha Universe we have decided to cover part of the shipping costs. You will find the reduced price in the website.

How much will it cost the shipment and how long?

It will depend a lot to which country are we shipping. Best would be to access to the Shipping Costs and Delivery Time If you still have doubts please feel free to drop a comment in our webchat or whatsapp.

Why does shipping cost is higher that I have calculated?

Many of the products, being mainly model kits, tend to be more bulky and lightweight. Due to shipping forwarders, they will charge the volume weight instead of the real weights. Therefore it might be off from your calculations. Still if you have doubts please contact us on our webchat or whatsapp.