May - 2 New products & Restocks

May - 2 New products & Restocks

So we have another load of Model Kits, this case we can clearly say we had more new products than resstocks!  Check our new products 

Interesting highlights

- MGEX Unicorn VerKA : Many of you were expecting this great kit, one of the 40th Anniversary kits! 

MG BARBATOS : no comments, very niceeeeee kit

MG DYNAMES : new model and Dynames, who doesn't like Dynames?

- RG -31- Crossbone : We got plenty of them, since several months ago, Crossbone has been highly demanded, so just enjoy your kits!

- Heavy Metal L-GAIM : Yes we have a new Mecha Series uploaded, just enjoy it!

- Digimon : yeap wea re increasing the family! 

As always if you are searching for a model kit that we don't have, don't be shy! ask us and we might be able to give you a small surprise!

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