Multiply your points!

Multiply your points!

During this month of July, all orders that reach certain amounts will get a boost in their MLPS points. Each tier will provide a better boost. Later on you can use your points to redeem/exchange discount vouchers for your future orders. So you are really saving a big chunk of money!

Tier 1 <50€ = 1€ = 1point (this is the normal one)

Tier 2 >50€ = 1€ = 2 points

Tier 3 >100€ = 1€ = 3 points

Tier 4 >200€ = 1€ = 4 points

So orders will be calculated without shipping costs or additional financial charges. System will automatically calculate how many points for each shopping cart. In the chekcout process you will be able to see the total points you can get. For example if you place an order of 140eur, instead of getting 140 points you will get 420points (tier 3 x3) 

IF you have any doubts just feel free to ask us in our webchat and we will reply you as soon as possible!

As  we like to make special combos, this special MLPS promo will be compatible with the 100€ order MUG free! so just placing an order over 100€ you will be able to obtain 300 points and the mug Graze Ein!

As always we are going to reward all customers that have placed orders from July 1st till now and we will give this special points system (we will do it manually so we might take a couple of days)



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